Mission: Savor Seasonings is dedicated to being the leading supplier of seasonings by creating products that are driven by innovation, bounded by quality, and delivered with unparalleled service. Savor Seasonings is founded to serve people and as such we place the highest priority on ensuring that our standards are not merely written words but living actions.

Our Story

For over a decade we’ve been serving our customers, serving our employees and serving our neighbor. From solving seasoning challenges, developing employees and carrying out mission work locally and around the world, Savor is dedicated to serving people.

Making seasonings is a passion but serving people is our purpose. We passionately strive every day to be the most innovative, provide the best customer service and maintain the highest quality and food safety programs in our industry.

Row of wooden shovels with spices

Customer Service

Savor Seasonings promises quick response, consistent quality, industry leading food safety and overall satisfaction. Savor doesn’t have a “customer service” department. Why? Because customer service is our company philosophy, not a specific department.

Have you ever wondered why your seasoning company takes such a long time to fill your orders, send you paperwork, or complete your product development projects? Most companies don’t think about the fact that they are probably assigned a specific place on their seasoning suppliers’ pecking order. In fact, most seasoning companies have you ranked as either an “A” customer, a “B” customer, or a “C” customer.

When you are a Savor customer you are an “A” customer no matter the volumes or the name of your company. Savor has no “B” customers. Each of our customers gets one hundred percent of our efforts every time and we feel that is the way it should be. At Savor we feel that we cannot expect each other to give a partial effort to one customer and full effort to another; what kind of corporate philosophy is that? That is why your lead times are short, your documentation arrives quickly, and your projects are executed promptly. At Savor we are committed to giving you all of our effort all of the time.


All Savor Seasonings products are custom made in our own labs.

With our contemporary understanding of the consumers’ changing desires, we stay on top of market changes and continually develop successful new product concepts for you. Proactive product development requires Savor Seasonings to possess an intimate knowledge of the drivers in the consumer market.

Corporate Values

One of the greatest gifts in life is the joy of sharing with others.

Service, Sustainability, People. Savor Seasonings runs on our resources. Savor understands the responsibility and importance of the wise use of what we have including our people, our resources and our time. Resource efficiency and sustainability are keys to keeping our business growing and the environment clean. Savor’s Service Team provides leadership to help all employees discover ways to aid people in our community, our country and around the world. Savor is also the only woman owned seasoning business because diversity is our goal and something we strive for every day.