Application Skill

"Satisfying Your Sense of Confidence"

Seasoning prototype application is an integral step in the product develop process here at Savor Seasonings. While we at Savor Seasonings are happy to provide this service, some of our clients would prefer having seasonings sent directly to them so that they can implement and expedite their own evaluation processes. Either way, almost every seasoning we create is put through a complete application process in our own lab first before it is approved and sent to you. We are continually making and testing finished products in our lab to better insure quality and performance in yours.

Interesting Facts

The biggest snacking day of the year in the United States is Super Bowl Sunday.

Psychologists say that if Potato Chips are your favorite snack you're ambitious and competitive. Only the best is good enough for you and your family, and you're determined to get it for them.

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