Company Biography

For thousands of years spices have been blended together to give foods greater taste appeal. Wars were fought, empires built and lost, and the world circumnavigated for the first time in search of aromatic seeds, barks, leaves, and roots. Today spices combined with colors, sugar, salt, and flavors yield a medley of seasonings for food manufacture. Advances in spice processing offer derivatives used in manufacturing such as concentrates, extracts, and oils which are more economic and easier to store. Still Mother Nature has the final say on spice quality and origin, consequently contemporary transportation continues to circumnavigate the world harvesting these commodities for enjoyment in an endless variety of foods.

In 1980 as a young teenager Jeff Higgins mixed up his first seasoning in the lab of his father’s new seasoning company. Jeff enjoyed the work and despite his plans to become a doctor, after graduating with a BS in Biology from the University of Cincinnati he continued to work in his father’s seasoning business. Jeff worked in the family business in a variety of capacities including in manufacturing, quality control, research and development, sales, and management. Eventually Jeff’s father sold the business which allowed him different experiences with a new company, and after a couple of years the company was sold again to different owners affording even more new experiences. In 2002 Jeff found himself looking for his next career move after departing his employer, and while he researched several available positions nothing felt quite right to him so he considered starting his own seasoning business. Jeff knew that if he was going to take this weighty decision that it had to be for the right reasons and after consultation with his wife Shelly, and extensive prayer he discerned the reason and a company vision was born out of his faith “Serve People”. This simple vision and a love for the work led to the birth of Savor Seasonings and Jeff and Shelly opened the doors for the first time on December 6th 2002. Of course there have been ups and downs but focusing on the vision to serve people has always brought Jeff and Shelly back to their real purpose and sustained them and their business. Another aspect which has been important to the success of Savor Seasonings is focus, which Jeff understood is important for a company. Therefore, from day one Savor Seasonings held the unique market position of only making seasonings for food manufacturers and maintained this unique focus for over fourteen years. This continuing attention on focus along with the solid vision and great people has propelled Savor to success in our industry. Today Savor Seasonings manufacturers millions of pounds of seasoning annually which are enjoyed by Americans everywhere. Whether it is serving our employees, serving our customers, or serving our neighbors Savor Seasonings is always serving up something good.

Our Mission

Savor Seasonings is dedicated to being the leading supplier of seasonings by creating products that are driven by innovation, bounded by quality, and delivered with unparalleled service. Savor Seasonings is founded to serve people and as such we place the highest priority on ensuring that our standards are not merely written words but living actions.

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