Hot, Hot, Hot!

Sriracha Seasoning - This spicy seasoning has an additional component of garlic and tangy notes and is rapidly growing in popularity.

Firehouse Chili Seasoning - This spicy seasoning will "light" you up while offering you the full enjoyment of your favorite warm chili.

Habanero Seasoning - This hot, spicy, tangy flavored seasoning has a more intensely piquant flavor. The heat combined with fruity, citrus - like flavor has made it a popular seasoning on a variety of foods.

Buffalo Wing Seasoning - Is a traditional combination of tangy, sweet and spicy seasonings with just a hint of Bleu Cheese. It can be game day every day!

Jalapeno Seasoning - This seasoning is simple, yet bold. It will kick your taste buds into high gear as soon as you smell it.

Interesting Facts

October is National Pretzel Month


The average American eats nearly 70 quarts of popcorn a year.

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