Ethnic Inspired

Ethnic Inspired

Gumbo Style – Based on the Cajun comfort food, this seasoning has the holy trinity of Cajun cuisine: celery, onion, bell pepper and is rounded out with seafood flavors and roux undertones. 

Shish Tawook – Based on a Middle Eastern kabob marinade, this seasoning perfectly blends grill notes, lemon, regional spices, and creamy notes. 

Nuoc Cham Style – Based on a Vietnamese dipping sauce, this seasoning is sour, spicy savory and sweet.

Ponzu Style – A traditional Japanese condiment that is citrus based with tart and savory notes.

Romesco – Traditional Spanish sauce that is a combination of nutty, tomato, roasted bell pepper, garlic, nora chile and smoky flavors.

Sage & Prosciutto – Salty and meaty flavor of prosciutto paired with savory pine notes of sage.

Curry Dijon – This combination of two strong ethnic flavors blends aromatic spices from two parts of the world for a satisfying overall flavor.

Fig Chutney – A mixture of fruity, healthful fig notes with the warm spices in the traditional Indian condiment of chutney.

Indian Makhani – This Indian inspired seasoning, more commonly recognized as butter chicken, is bound to inspire the desire to travel and try new foods.

Organic Herbs de Provence – An earthy seasoning that blends sweet herbs with slight floral, garlic and onion notes.

Spicy Miso – Fermented soy with sweet, tangy, umami and a tinge of heat.

Shawarma – An ethnic, street food inspired seasoning that combines charred meaty notes with earthy spices and underlying yogurt notes.

Shitake Teriyaki – A combination of both shitake mushrooms and teriyaki this seasoning is a blast of Asian umami flavors.

Piri Piri – An African spice blend that has strong pepper flavor and a slight sour flavor, this seasoning is perfect for sauces, meats and snacks.

Tikka Masala – This traditional Indian cuisine is known and loved by Americans and less polarizing than curry. It pairs well on a number of bases.

Smoked Chipotle Mole is a mixture of savory, smoky and spicy Hispanic flavors.

Chili Turmeric – A combination of earthy, peppery notes, these two flavors balance each other perfectly for an impactful new flavor.

Vindaloo is based on an East Indian sauce which has a tomato base with hints of yogurt and curry.

Organic Matcha Green Tea – Based on the popular beverage, this bold seasoning presents sweetness with some savory notes and connects with millennial consumers.

Turmeric Black Pepper Tea – On trend, holistic benefits of turmeric paired with bold black tea is perfect for a rub or any other application.

Tomato Basil Vinaigrette – A twist on authentic Italian. This seasoning combines the fresh notes of basil and tomato with the acidic notes of vinegar to create a bold seasoning.

Charred Poblano – Charred notes which fit in with smoked and charred trends paired with green pepper notes works well in a sauce, dressing rub or on a snack.

Rosemary Feta Tzatziki – This twist on traditional Tzatziki works well in a dressing or on your favorite snack! The feta works well with the creamy tzatziki and the rosemary adds fresh notes with the dill.

Ginger Tahini – Two world cuisines blended together to make one bold seasoning. The strong Asian ginger notes mixed with the cooling, creamy Mediterranean flavor creates an enjoyable combination.

Chili Tamarind – The tart, fruity flavors of tamarind mixed with chili is an authentic Hispanic flavor.

Cilantro Lime – Two simple Mexican flavors, yet bold and inspiring. You can also add jalapeno to this mix to add a little heat to your dressing, rub or snack.

Garam Masala – An authentic Indian flavor that is bold but not polarizing. This seasoning compliments many foods including dressing.

Queso & Chorizo – This Mexican inspired blend of cheeses with a kick of heat from chorizo will melt in your mouth.

Sweet & Sour – This delicious Asian inspired seasoning is a twist of two flavors that will keep you wanting more.

Asian Chili Garlic – A truly bold and authentic Asian seasoning that will taste delicious in any food.

Mediterranean – Combines aromatic spices that are inspired by flavors of the Mediterranean.

Aged Cheddar & Onion – This Irish inspired seasoning combines sharp and creamy notes with the powerful flavor of onion.

Salsa Verde – This mix of exploding fresh flavors all contribute to create a delicious green salsa seasoning.

Spicy Thai – This bold and innovative seasoning will spice up your dish with heat, sweet and classic Thai flavors: coconut, lime and Asian spices.

Hot and Sour – This seasoning based on a classic Chinese dish is bold and unique. The tangy notes with a kick of heat will taste great on many foods.

Enchilada – An enchilada is truly a mix of many Hispanic flavors and this seasoning won’t disappoint with notes of cheese, beans, red sauce, and more.

Greek – This seasoning combines all the aromatic flavors of Greek cuisine and will satisfy your customers’ desire for great taste and freshness.

Jambalaya – A taste of New Orleans. This spicy seasoning is full of bold spices, heat, sausage, onions and bell pepper and will remind your consumer of southern cuisine.

***All seasonings are custom developed for your food. Please call to request a sample be developed exclusively for you.