Customized Products

Tailoring products to meet your specific needs is what we do here at Savor Seasonings. How do we accomplish such individualistic results? We first research your product, application method and rate. More importantly, we endeavor to understand your target market. This ensures that the products we create for you contain the ingredients and market attributes that will meet your company’s quality expectations. In short, we investigate your company’s products and preferences before we ever submit our first prototype.
     • Clean Label
     • Non GMO
     • Non GMO Project Verifiable
     • USDA Organic
     • Kosher




Application Skill

Seasoning prototype application is an integral step in the product develop process here at Savor Seasonings. Whether we’re working on snacks, meats, sauces and dressings or any other type of food, almost every seasoning we create is put through a complete application process in our own lab before it is approved and sent to you. While we at Savor Seasonings are happy to provide prototype samples, some of our clients would prefer having only seasonings sent directly to them so that they can implement and expedite their own evaluation processes. Either way, we are continually making and testing finished products in our lab to better insure quality and performance in yours.




Proactive Product Development

Proactive product development requires Savor Seasonings to possess an intimate knowledge of the drivers in the consumer market. Our experience in this area is considerable having been the creators of market successes for a combined 130+ years. Several concepts, currently enjoying success in the market today, had their origination with the people here at Savor Seasonings. With our contemporary understanding of the consumer’s changing desires, we stay on top of market changes and continually develop successful new product concepts for you.

All Savor Seasonings products are custom made in our own labs. Click on any category to see some of the concepts we have developed in the past for our customers and some of the proactive products we have composed. If you would like for us to make your special seasoning based on some of the ideas below, contact us and we will work with you just like we have for major food manufacturers across the country.