How Do You Rate With Your Seasoning Supplier?


Do you know how your company rates with your seasoning supplier?   Most companies don't think about the fact that they are probably assigned a specific place on their seasoning suppliers' pecking order.   In fact most seasoning companies have you ranked as either an "A" customer, a "B" customer, or a "C" customer.   And don't think that just because you give a company a large portion of your business you are an "A" customer, unless you are a Fortune 500 food business.   Did you ever wonder why your seasoning company takes such a long time to fill your orders, send you paperwork, or complete your product development projects?


Many of our clients I tell this to think that this only makes sense, but at Savor Seasonings we disagree.   When you are a Savor customer you are an "A" customer no matter the volumes, or the name of your company.   Savor has no "B" customers.   Each of our customers gets one hundred percent of our efforts every time and we feel that is the way it should be.   At Savor we feel that we cannot expect each other to give a partial effort to one customer and their full effort to another, what kind of corporate philosophy is that?   That is why your lead times are short, your documentation arrives quickly, and your projects are executed promptly.   At Savor we are committed to giving you all of our effort all of the time.


Jeff Higgins

President, Savor Seasonings                                                                                           


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October is National Pretzel Month


Cinnamon is mentioned in Chinese writings as far back as 2800 BC.

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