Proactive New Product Development

"Satisfying Your Sense of Taste"

Proactive product development requires Savor Seasonings to possess an intimate knowledge of the drivers in the consumer market. Our experience in this area is considerable having been the creators of market successes for a combined 130+ years. Several concepts, currently enjoying success in the market today, had their origination with the people here at Savor Seasonings. With our contemporary understanding of the consumer’s changing desires, we stay on top of market changes and continually develop successful new product concepts for you.

Interesting Facts

Europeans learned about popcorn from Native Americans. When Cortes invaded Mexico, and when Columbus arrived in the West Indies, each saw natives eating popcorn, as well as using it in necklaces and headdresses. Native Americans brought a bag of popped corn to the first Thanksgiving.

March 23 is National Chip and Dip Day

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