Ancho Honey Mustard – A bold blend of smoky and spicy ancho with sweet honey mustard, this seasoning is a combination of new trends with a tried-and-true flavor.

Habanero Salsa – Bringing together spicy, fruity notes of habanero with the fresh, bold notes of salsa creates a perfect combination.

Nashville Hot – A newly popularized regional hot flavor, this seasoning combines heat, vinegar, garlic, and umami notes to provide a perfect mouth-watering heat.

Chipotle Gouda – Bringing together two smoky elements into a seasoning that seamlessly fuses creamy notes to balance the spicy chipotle.

Honey Chipotle Churro – A sweet, smoky and spicy combination that is ethnic and a bold fusion. This seasoning touches so many trends and is a truly unique and tasty combination.

Smoked Gouda Habanero – The creamy, smoky notes of gouda perfectly pair down the heat of habanero and create a perfect combination.

Ghost Pepper Queso – The extreme heat for ghost pepper combined with the creamy, bold, Hispanic flavor of queso.

Organic Turmeric & Smoked Cayenne – Meet your consumers’ demand for organic with this blend of the ethnic, trendy spice turmeric and smoked cayenne. Calling out specific peppers is hot.

Blackberry Habanero –Sweet and spicy combined to keep your taste buds on high alert and coming back for more.

Spicy Guacamole – An ethnic inspired seasoning but with added heat to give the avocado and onion more depth of flavor.

Sriracha – This spicy seasoning has an additional component of garlic and tangy notes and is rapidly growing in popularity.

Firehouse Chili – This spicy seasoning will “light” you up while offering you the full enjoyment of your favorite warm chili.

Habanero – This hot, spicy, tangy flavored seasoning has a more intensely piquant flavor. The heat combined with fruity, citrus-like flavor has made it a popular seasoning on a variety of foods.

Buffalo Wing – Is a traditional combination of tangy, sweet and spicy seasonings with just a hint of Bleu Cheese. It can be game day every day!

Jalapeno – This seasoning is simple, yet bold. It will kick your taste buds into high gear as soon as you smell it.

Jalapeno Cheese – The cooling and creamy cheese notes combined with heat and green of jalapeno compliments any food.

Grilled Green Chili – The grilled note matched with the spicy chili creates a perfect combination that is growing in popularity.

Hot Dill Pickle – The tang of a dill pickle kicked up a notch with habanero-like heat make this seasoning bold and innovative.

Chipotle Chili – This seasoning has all the heat of chili, but also a distinctive smoky flavor; a great combination on just about any food.

Cajun Cheese – The bold, intense spices of Cajun cuisine combined with the creamy, cooling notes of cheese is sure to taste great on your base.

Spicy Sea Salt & Citrus – With this seasoning you get an upfront spicy kick of salt and the citrusy cooling sensation to mellow it out.

Chipotle Bleu Cheese – The cooling, savory notes of bleu cheese compliment the smoky and spicy notes of chipotle for a twist on classic peppercorn ranch.

Screamin’ Salt & Vinegar – Mash-ups are a growing trend in the food industry. This seasoning blend brings two classic favorites together, Hot & Spicy and Salt & Vinegar, to create a blend that will leave your mouth screamin’ for more.

***All seasonings are custom developed for your food. Please call to request a sample be developed exclusively for you.