Sweet & Savory

Sweet & Savory

Rosemary Mustard Glaze – The sweet molasses, brown sugar notes of glaze fuse perfectly with the savory notes of rosemary and mustard for a perfect sweet and savory blend.

Smoked Plum – A mixture of savory smoke notes and the sweet, fresh flavor of plum.

Maple Brown Butter – A sweet and savory combination of two on trend flavors.

Honey Garlic – This seasoning has an Asian flare but is a fusion of two flavors, sweet and savory, that Americans know and love.

Organic Toasted Coconut Vanilla Latte – Brings the bold coffee flavor with hints of coconut and vanilla to your snack for a sweet and savory blend.

Hickory Smoked Maple – Sweet, local flavors of maple combined with the sweet, smoky notes of hickory. This seasoning works well with dressings, rubs, or snacks.

Brown Sugar Bacon Bleu – This seasoning mimics brown sugar bacon that many restaurants are now selling as a specialty items but with the added flavor of bleu cheese for extra appeal and depth.

Rosemary Orange – This clean seasoning offers the sweet notes of orange combined with fresh rosemary for a flavor that works well in dressings and on snacks.

Peach Bourbon – Two local flavors, peach and bourbon combined offer a classic American flavor prefect for dressings or snacks.

Mango Chutney – This ethnic flavor which is growing in popularity combines ginger, acid, sweet spices and mango to create a savory and sweet combination.

Mojo Criollo – A Cuban flavor of lemon, orange, garlic and spices is great for rubs, marinades, dressings and snacks.

Salted Caramel Chipotle – Bring the sweet and spicy flavors to snack all at once. This unique mix of two flavors allows you to capitalize on trends while giving your customer something innovative.

Honey Cajun – Sweet and spicy combined into a distinctive seasoning. This smoky seasoning is full of spices and balances flavors of the South with a hint of sweetness.

Honey Jalapeno – The combination of honey and jalapeno is a clean, pure, sweet and spicy mix.

Sweet Mango Chili – This sweet and spicy spin on mango salsa mimics a Latin American flavor of chamoy on mango.

Tropical Citrus & Spice – You’ll feel like you are on a beach when you taste this blend of citrus and zing.

Honey Jamaican Jerk – Both an ethnic and a sweet and spicy seasoning, this mix is guaranteed to appeal to a wide range of customers.

Sweet Chili – Just a hint of sweetness provides you with a new appreciation for the typical chili.

Caribbean Style – A bold mix of Caribbean spices and fruits works well in a variety of foods and will entice any consumer.

***All seasonings are custom developed for your food. Please call to request a sample be developed exclusively for you.