Ranch – This blend of spices can either be a match to the dressing we all love for snacks or a blend of spices for a ranch dressing.

Pizza – Next time your customer is craving pizza they won’t have to wait on the delivery man because with this seasoning delivers all the delicious flavors.

Parmesan & Garlic – A classic Italian seasoning which blends creamy and powerful zesty flavors which is perfect for dressings or snacks.

Sea Salt & Black Pepper – The bold flavor of black pepper will delight your taste buds and the sea salt rounds it out to deliver the full flavor.

Cheddar and Sour Cream – This popular, bold seasoning is a twist of creamy and sharp flavors all in one.

Nacho Cheese – This seasoning gives you the creamy notes of cheese with an extra zip of spices and flavors.

Sweet BBQ – A traditional BBQ, smoky seasoning with a little something extra for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Chili Lime – The zing of lime will spring your taste buds to life and then you’ll taste the spices and warmth of chili. It’s a twist of citrus and spice.

Salt and Vinegar – The acidic boldness of this seasoning will make your mouth pucker but crave more.

Sour Cream and Onion – This creamy seasoning is a true classic blend of sour, sweet, and bold. 


***All seasonings are custom developed for your food. Please call to request a sample be developed exclusively for you.