Twist on Traditional

Twist on Traditional

Smoked Paprika Vinaigrette – A bold blend of smoky paprika and sour vinegar with a little bit of heat added to give it a slight peppery punch.

Root Beer BBQ – A flavor that will remind you of summertime in your hometown.  This flavor combines sweet, savory, and smoky into one memorable seasoning.

Garlic Basil – A fresh blend of bold flavors that is well known, yet sophisticated and on trend with health and wellness. 

Lemon Butter & Tarragon – A fresh, creamy blend that combines a subtle herb with familiar flavor of lemon butter.

Grilled Lime & Black Pepper – Complex grill notes bring out the tart, sweetness in the lime combined with bold black pepper for a familiar combination that will remind you of summer cookouts. 

Basil Romano – A blend of mild, sweet notes of basil with the creamy, sharp notes of Romano creates a perfectly sophisticated seasoning.

Three Peppercorn Parmesan – A trendy blend of green, pink and black peppercorns combined with the rich, umami flavors of parmesan.

Organic Sweet Tennessee BBQ – An organic twist on traditional flavor of barbecue, this seasoning gives barbecue a local flare.

Chipotle Ranch – This spicy and creamy combination mixes smoky and spicy chipotle notes with the familiar creamy flavor of ranch.

Garlic Butter – This seasoning will remind you of garlic butter you dip your pizza crust into and goes well on popcorn, chips and meat.

Dijon & Chive – A bold blend of spicy mustard and green onion notes of chive, this seasoning pairs two bold flavors perfectly for your meat or snack application.

Pink Peppercorn & Herb – A bold combination seasoning which combines the unique, acidic and fruity flavor of pink peppercorn with earthy and familiar notes of herb.

Smoky Garlic & Black Pepper – A twist on traditional salt & black pepper this seasoning adds in smoky garlic notes to give a bolder flavor and corresponds with the smoke trend.

Bacon Chive Ranch – Take all-time favorites bacon and ranch and add fresh notes of chive for an explosion of flavor; what’s more to say.

Jalapeno Ranch – This seasoning has the “kick” of Jalapeno with green notes combined with the mild, creamy flavor of Ranch Dressing.

Barbecue Ranch – The sweet and smoky notes of BBQ combined with the creamy notes of ranch will thrill your taste buds.

Sweet Onion – Intense and sweet. This seasoning taste compares to the fresh profile of a Vidalia onion.

Chipotle Cheddar – This seasoning captures a delicious smoky pepper flavor which is complimented by the cheese notes and a hint of heat.

Bahama Barbecue – This spicy-sweet seasoning with a variety of spices and a punch of fruit flavors that put a new, exciting twist on barbecue.

Smoky Barbecue – We use an authentic smokehouse mix to create this “backyard” inspired seasoning.

Smoky Swiss Cheese – This seasoning’s great smoky flavor along with its distinctive smooth, milky notes makes it a winning seasoning combination.

Hickory Smoked Sea Salt – Smoke is trending. This is a simple seasoning yet provides a bold, smoke flavor.

Mesquite Smoked Sea Salt – This seasoning is a great way to add a bitter smoked flavor to any food. The salt brings out the natural flavors of the base while the smoke adds an extra factor.

Bacon and Cheddar – What a great combination; smoky bacon and creamy cheddar make for a delicious flavor.

Black Pepper Bacon – You can’t go wrong with the aroma and kick of black pepper and the smoky taste of bacon; the combination is mouthwatering.

Hawaiian Barbecue – This seasoning will make you feel like its summertime all the time. It has the original smoky and sweet flavors of BBQ with the extra twist of citrus.

Lime & Black Pepper – This wonderful “South of the Border” seasoning has the distinctive tangy kick of lime and the gentle undertone of black pepper for a truly delicious combination.

Grilled Tomato Salsa – Add the charred grilled notes to traditional salsa to give it the full flavor of homemade salsa with grilled tomatoes and peppers.

***All seasonings are custom developed for your food. Please call to request a sample be developed exclusively for you.